European Group for Research in Schizophrenia





The European Group for Research in Schizophrenia (EGRIS) was founded in September 1996 to develop strategies for the promotion and coordination of schizophrenia research in Europe. It consists of a core group of schizophrenia experts from European countries and Israel. The primary aim of EGRIS is to encourage independent collaboration in schizophrenia research across Europe. This includes improving communication between research groups, facilitating access to research information and fostering collaborative research. To this end the group meets 1-2 times per year.

More specifically EGRIS focuses on the following goals:


·      Identification of research deficits and strengths in Europe and discussion on ways to improve the situation, after  consideration of the different priorities of the member countries.


·      The setting up of a specific research agenda which will include new approaches to research in schizophrenia.


·      Discussion of ongoing and future studies in schizophrenia, so that research protocol methodologies can be co-ordinated.


·      Assistance with “technology transfer”, where expertise in certain practices and treatments in research centers of one country can be shared with another.


·      The formation of a research exchange programme, where people can travel to different countries, so that communication and collaboration between research groups can be improved.


·      The production of a web site in the Internet, which will provide a very quick and efficient way of communicating within and outside of the group.


·      Efforts to develop a European database with access to information in schizophrenia.


·      Promoting small, task orientated workshops on specific research issues.


EGRIS elect a chairperson and a co-chair every other year. New members are admitted based on the recommendations of existing members. As a general rule there is a one country / one member policy. EGRIS is founded through a non-profit Foundation with the same name based in the Netherlands.